Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Light Blue Ribbon Cakes

Beautiful classic white wedding cakes with light blue ribbon decorating the cakes in unique, chic and elegant ways.

Firstly we have a four tier round white wedding cake in white with blue ribbon decorating the bottom of each tier and topped of with sparkly silver monogram cake topper.
Love the simple elegance of this cute little three tier wedding cake in white with an edible pearl texture and light blue bands made of icing on the bottom of each tier.


This three-tiered cake is wrapped in lavendar fondant and accented with blue piping and purple sugar roses.
Cake by Ron Ben-Israel, photo by Andrew McCaul
 This four-tiered cake is decorated with baby blue-and-brown fondant ribbon in a simple plaid pattern.
Cake by Elisa Strauss, Confetti Cakes
A two tier stunner with gorgeous pure white sugar flower bouquet cake topper.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cake Designer: Ana Parzych

Today we are featuring the gorgeous cake designs of Ana Parzych. What a true cake designing genius! these cakes are just so beautiful, have a look for yourself and see more at her site Ana Parzych Custom Cakes.

An amazing four tier square green wedding cake with white flower pattern on the tiers and delicate dark pink flowers as a garnish.

Round white wedding cake with green sugar vine crawling up the tiers.

An stunning light blue five tier wedding cake so beautiful and feminine featuring white flowers with yellow centres.

Square cake set over four tiers in a pastel pink with pastel orange sugar flowers.

Delicate and whimsical two tier wedding cake in the palest of pastel greens with white flowers.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Square Purple Wedding Cakes

Gorgeous inspiration for stunning square shaped purple wedding cakes set over three splendid tiers!

Light purple wedding cake idea.
Gorgeous three tier square purple wedding cake with fresh flowers.

Dark purple wedding cake with white roses, white bows and quilted tiers.

Beautiful velvety purple quilted tiers with calla lilies make up this luxurious wedding cake.

The cake is covered in a purple fondant, decorated with brushed embroidery flowers and additionally with sugar Cymbidium orchids.

Square three tier purple wedding cake with cute white flowers.

A Red Flower

A beautiful three tier white wedding cake with a single bright red flower, ahhh just love it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Regally White

This cake is just so regal and wonderful it gets a post all of it's own!
The textures are amazing; lattice, columns, dots, drapes, roses and more.

Simply beautiful!


Traditional White Cake

Beautiful traditionally white wedding cakes, all round in three and four tiers to inspire you. All cakes come courtesy or Martha Stewart Weddings.


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