Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Peacock Wedding Cakes

Peacocks are one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, it's no wonder they always inspire! Following is a selection of wedding cakes that draw their main inspiration from these gorgeous birds.

Three tier round wedding cake inspired by peacocks!

Blue wedding cake set over three tiers surrounded by beautiful peacock feathers.

The following two wedding cakes depict lovely white wedding cakes decorated with Peacock feathers made out of icing.

Elegant two tier wedding cake in pastel colors with with green sugar flowers and a stunning pastel blue peacock.

Amazing round three tier royal blue peacock wedding cake with peacock feathers as cake toppers!

Three tier white round wedding cake with a blue peacock topper who's sugar feathers cascade down the three tiers.


"Peacock Cake: fondant covered, black forest and German chocolate cakes. hand made peacock and tail feathers from fondant and gum-paste. hand painted gold accents on tail feathers."


Entwined Cakes, Osbourne Park



A fabulous topsy turvy peacock cake!

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  1. These are really cool! I never heard of such a thing as a peacock wedding cake,, but I want that topsy-turvy one!



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