Monday, December 13, 2010

Green Wedding Cupcakes

Fabulous ideas for green wedding cupcakes!

Let's begin with a three tier cupcake wedding cake with one mini cake on top and two tiers of sweet little green cupcakes with little white and pink flowers on top.

Wedding cupcakes and a top cake all dressed up in white, lime green and dark purple. The cupcakes are a combination of chocolate and vanilla with alternating green and white vanilla flavored buttercream icing. They were all finished off with a purple mini daisy and unique fondant flower.

Chocolate wedding cupcakes dressed in cream icing and green topping placed over four fabulous square shaped tiers.

Delicate three tier cupcake design with mini cake on top and cute little white butterflies.

Wonderful green and white wedding cupcake inspiration with silver cupcake holders.

Square shaped cupcake tower set over four lovely tiers with a mini cake to top it off!

Apple green and white wedding cupcake design.

Little wedding mini cakes in white and olive green.

Source for the two images above.

An apple green and white two tier wedding cake, 120 cupcakes and stand for a country chic wedding.

The following two green wedding cupcake designs come from Cake Pantry. A lucky green cupcake tower!
And a green and yellow wedding cupcake tower!


  1. I think having cupcakes as a wedding cake is a great idea!

  2. I love them all, especially the third one! and they are really practical too

  3. I am having a purple and green color theme to my wedding and I think that second picture is exactly what I was looking for! thanks!



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