Monday, April 19, 2010

Seashell Wedding Cake - Blue Trim

Beautiful beach wedding theme.

Seashell wedding cakes pictures with lots of seashells and blue trimming on the cakes.

Two tier round wedding cake with Tiffany blue ribbon separating the tiers and pretty seashells decorations.

Stunning three tier round white seashell wedding cake with light blue and lilac colored seashells.

Two tier round and white wedding cake with white and light blue sugar seashells and coral.

Delicate three tier round white wedding cake decorated with white and blue seashells.

Stunning four tier square white wedding cake with blue ribbon separating the tiers, white seashells cascading down one side of the cake and a cute colorful mermaid cake topper.

Three tier round white wedding cake with light blue and light yellow seashells.

Beautiful two tiered wedding cake with textured tiers and encrusted with metallic pastel blue and yellow seashells.

Elegant beach theme wedding cake encrusted with blue seashells and cute starfish cake topper.

Stunning three tier white wedding cake with white seashells and tiffany blue icing decoration separating the tiers.

Click here to view Blue Wedding Cakes with Sea Shell Pictures

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